Let us invite you to the C.B.Plastic Co.,Ltd. way of business. We have a reputation for producing

   confident quality products and are famously linked with the word "PROFESSIONAL". Having been there

   from the very beginning of the paint industry, We have grown to be one of the leaders in painting automotive

   ornaments, emblems, and other plastic surfaces, thanks to our constantly updated technology and production



          Our services included Manual and Robot Auto painting, Screen Pad & Printing, Hot Stamping, Vacuuming

  and Injection of Plastic. We also provide Established Masking Jigs and Masking Jig Cleaning Machines to our

  local and foreign customers.


          Furthermore, we aim to provide enhanced customer satisfaction through the effective application of the    

  systems that are constantly being upgraded and improved. This strive, that we are very proud of, has kept us      

  ahead of the competition. Ever since the beginning we have made it a business objective to continuously   

  develop  and improve. Customer confidence is also supported by our ISO 9001:2008 & ISO TS/16949 



          Today, we are clearly recognized and trusted by our clients, who keep coming back for the satisfaction.